Venue Report

When it comes to travel destinations that are known for wellness experiences, Malibu has long been at the top of that list. So, when we found out there was a wellness experience company that operates out of a seaside haven in Malibu and also takes the show on the road for special events, we were all ears. Or perhaps we should say all our senses were piqued. Five Sense Collective calls itself a “multi-sensory wellness experience company,” after all…

Written by Alyssa Brown

Emily Henderson “Ditch Day”

Dru, Kirscha and decorator Michelle Selko (Creative Light) designed the yurt and succeeded not only in style, but comfort, which became important when we were all asked to recline on pillows for a guided meditation and then sound bath. So, we know by now you’re probably like…uh, can someone please tell me what a “sound bath” is? Alright, we’re still blissed out from it, so pardon my meandering…

Written by Velinda Hellen | Photography by Sara Tramp


Malibu Magazine

"Co-Founders Dru Erin and Kirscha Cramer are putting a highly-curated, individualized Collective, spin on Los Angeles' saturated wellness industry."

 - Malibu Magazine

Photography by ©Rose Elizabeth & ©Leia Vita Marasovich

Hidden Hills Magazine

"Alongside spreading positivity within the community, the Collective supports and brings awareness to humanitarian and environmental matters, promoting a sustainable lifestyle from every end."

- Hidden Hills Magazine

Photography by ©Rose Elizabeth & ©Leia Vita Marasovich


Woodland Hills Magazine

"Five Sense Collective is the first of its kind, bringing wellness into your home with curated therapeutic events for communities and individuals in Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Malibu and Westlake, crafted to the clients’ growth, space, and healing needs."

 - Woodland Hills Magazine

Calabasas Style Magazine

"These events are great for individuals seeking or desiring to create a supportive and conscious community, promoting mental health, happiness, and progressive attitudes as alternatives to a potentially toxifying night out drinking."

- Calabasas Style Magazine