Wellness has become a complex commodity. But TRUE wellness takes a ton of effort, deep listening to your intuitive, discipline and cognitive awareness. Finding a routine that YOUR body feels supported by will help you harmonize all the lovely and complex parts of you. Truly tuning in to yourself means listening to your personal needs, which may not be the latest and greatest wellness craze or what works best for a friend or someone else. Quite honestly, it may very well bring you to a place of discomfort, but being that you’ve arrived here and made a conscious choice to expand in some way—let’s assume you’re no stranger to pushing your boundaries. 

Being tender and respectful of your body and mind is a learned practice. A particularly tricky one, as we are living through a conundrum of choice. While it may seem that the options in the wellness world are limitless, and trust me, they are- they aren’t providing an answer to the question of personal wellness. 

The truth is, we all want to wake up in the morning, have a productive day, feel relatively high in spirit throughout the day, and allot time for work, personal and physical achievement. The other truth is, this doesn’t always happen. Achieving a ‘feel good’ can seem like more of an economical investment than a personal one. Memberships, athletic wear, the best (but also priciest) organic restaurants and markets.. We’ve been trained to experience the dopamine rush of “newness” as happiness. And while buying into wellness can feel good, that good feeling fades when you don’t truly digest the intention and create a more cognitive investment. True wellness comes from treating ourselves with tenderness and respect, but true wellness takes effort, discipline and cognitive awareness.

In our quest for optimum health, we can overlook the fact that the nourishment and fulfillment we seek is ultimately a conversation we have with ourselves, and not our pockets at the store-front.

Here are a couple reminders you may find insightful for your conscious journey toward optimum health.



You don't need to get away from your thoughts, you need to refine them.

Take a moment with yourself, for yourself. 

Full body scan, taking long inhales and exhales. Once you find your concentration, allow yourself to go in to your mind. Allow yourself to notice the thoughts you often find yourself suppressing. I’m not asking you to dwell in them. I’m asking you to simply notice them. Remain with your breath. Notice yourself, and the patterns of your thoughts that you have created. 

Notice what might not be serving you in your life right now. Whats preventing you from being your fullest potential? Perhaps you’ll find it’s a behavioral manifestation that you, yourself have created of yourself within a particular environment. Perhaps that version of you isn’t fully you.  

Go there. 

Think of it like this, we’re simply saying, “hi thoughts, I see you, and I acknowledge you”

It’s important to be soft in these places, where you deal with your most vulnerable sensitivities, thoughts, and ideologies about yourself and the way that you operate within their constraints. 

Remembering that this is an act in loving-tenderness with ourselves, so spending too much time in these thoughts is not mindful of our tender approach.

Breathe into these spaces of your mind and give them the acknowledgement they request. You’ll notice, by allowing yourself to go here, graciously acknowledging your inner dissatisfactions and shadow functions, you will begin to water down their craving for your attention. 

Doing this for yourself can lesser the likeliness of anxiety, depression, stark behavioral shifts and moodiness, and give you the opportunity to practice mental nourishment. 

You’re also becoming more aware of your desires, harmonious physical states (situations, people and environments that nourish you-and don’t) to propel you toward the life you actually want to create for yourself, and all things in alignment with your personal goals for optimum health.


When we look deeply into the movement of our thoughts, speech patterns and sequentially, behaviors- we can allow ourselves to grow and alleviate tensions, elevating our entire existence.  

The way that you are describing your life is exactly the way in which it is unfolding. 

We craft the narratives and stories that direct our lives. The moment you realize that meanings only require your consensus and commitment to become real is the moment you may choose to be more mindful of your speech. Therefore, you may choose to manifest and create a healthy thought pattern about yourself in place of a lazy, self-patronizing one.

 Until we begin to question our basic assumptions about ourselves and view them as fluid, not fixed, it’s easy to reenact old patterns that limit our ability to live, love and expand. So, expand the personal identity you paint of yourself.



You're just a decision away from doing so.

This is likely the area where you'll find the most challenge. Often times our heavy thoughts become a full time job, that by the time it comes to action and execute we're already too exhausted by it. 

You've also made a home of these dissatisfactions, of course its going to be uncomfortable -- even emotional, to release. 

Releasing what doesn't serve you for the best, whether that be a person, habit, or thought-- simply requires you making the decision to do so. Just remember, your intuitive knows exactly what you need. Your optimum health and your intuitive compass are in alignment, simply asking you to make the choice of consciousness.  

Author: Kirscha Cramer