About The Collective

We Are Multi Sensory Experiences

Five Sense Collective is the first of its kind, with crafted workshops and events customized to your growth and healing needs. Based out of our thoughtfully designed, Geometric Dome overlooking the Ocean in Malibu, we welcome you to explore your Haven. We offer private therapeutic workshops, events, celebrations, gatherings for communities and individuals seeking a space to heal, grow, and self-explore through deeper, more meaningful consciousness.

Our workshops and offerings are designed around our belief that healing begins at the root of each neurological sensation;

Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste and Touch.

Five Sense Collective is available for private hire, but can also be experienced by attending one of their public sessions. Session offerings include a variety of holistic healings such as: Sound Bath, Restorative Yoga, AcroYoga Relational Healing, Meditation, Nutrition, and much more. No matter the journey, circumstance or personal experience, each and every individual has room for growth and healing.

Our Sessions are designed to create supportive and conscious connections, promoting mental health, happiness, and progressive growth. Five Sense Collective is a great alternative to traditional birthday celebrations, honoring of a milestone, new venture, girls night in, heartbreak clearing, or simply a desire to share a thoughtful experience with friends and family.

Through our curated workshops, we drive our energy into what is purposeful in the here and now. We bring our attention to the ability we have to harness our personal potential; creating a deeper connection to the spiritual self, the Earth and those around us. Our offerings allow us to approach our lives with greater creativity, resonance, with less stress or anxiety-impulsivity.

We believe that the idea of wellness is evolving beyond the individual journey, and is far more compelling when we band together to participate in the healing of one another.

Our Collective promotes Environmental & Humanitarian causes such as:

  • Social Justice - Empower disadvantaged people

  • Environmental - Supporting the prevention of ecological destruction, protecting wildlife and promoting the importance of a sacred connection with nature

  • Humanitarian - The exploration of new paradigms of contemporary science, spiritual wisdom and ecological awareness

  • Local - Feature collaborations with local and small businesses


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