11:11 Peace Activation at The Malibu Healing Haven


The Women of Peace and Five Sense Collective offer you a magical experience on one of the most magical days of the year, 11.11.19. We will gather in commitment to being source energy of the world we dream of and holding this vibration in meditation, connection, and bliss through an experience of sound, music, and Peace. Jelena Petkovic, the founder of the Women of Peace and Susan the Sage, Chief Peace Officer, are honored to lead this Peace activation in harmony and balance.

Be the change you wish to see and the impact will be felt worldwide.


Date: November 11th, 2019

Time: 11:11am - 1:11pm

Location: The Malibu Healing Haven

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Meet The Women of Peace

Jelena Petkovic

Jelena is a PAC MMS DHSc candidate, the founder of The Women of Peace. Jelena is a modern-day medicine woman and your go-to expert on healing that is rooted from the heart, that honors the soul, and that expands into all life. Jelena is a 14 year- licensed medical provider, best-selling author (Return to Beautiful; A Journey into Healing Flourishing Health and Bliss), thought leader, visionary, the voice of love, humanitarian, and transformation facilitator. Jelena’s gifts to the world include integrating the best techniques from the east and west to provide you with the most loving, nourishing, and rejuvenating practices to restore your vibrancy and help you move towards a life of more ease and bliss. She supports you by helping you connect with your true nature, the pure love that you are. Jelena is not just a medical professional but a devoted spiritual teacher and transmitter of love and peace. She has been committed since birth to truth, unity, healing, soul expression and service.

The idea of The Women of Peace came to her like a wave of pure white light and she knew the creation of such a movement was her divine calling. After many years healing her own wounds and pains of cultural, personal and familial misalignments and hundreds of others tap into the source of healing for themselves through her events, books, and clinical practice, she knew it was time to put her lessons into action and empower women to do the same.

Susan Swartz

Susan the Sage is a business owner, yoga teacher and vibrational sound healer. She has a background in marketing, communications and has organized events in the online marketing and entertainment industries. She brought her personal work to her professional life when she transitioned her career into yoga and spirituality in 2015. After running one of the most successful yoga studios in Miami Beach, she opened The SAGEncy, an agency set out to aid Spiritual Healers in expanding their business, as well as produce events and retreats with them. In 2017, she launched The SAGEuary, A Miami-based sacred community space for creative and spiritual workshops, plant-based cooking classes, retreats, and homestays. In whatever capacity you meet with Susan, she holds a sacredspace and you will feel at home in her nurturing embrace. Susan holds a BS in Marketing, MA in Communications, and is certified in Life Coaching, Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Yin yoga and Reiki.

What Peace Means to Me: What peace means to me is openness, compassion and the knowingness that we are all one and all connected. When we can hold each other with compassion and the love of oneness, we can find peace together.

My Personal Commitment to Peace: To run my business in a mindful way, to enter every situation with love and compassion. In my personal life, I am committed to non-judgment and loving each individual for who she is and where she is on her path.